Market News

Thursday,06 April 2017 04:320 Comments

Polished market stable, but positive momentum has slowed. Big-stone demand restrained. Shortage of better-quality goods as high-end consumers seek rare, unique pieces. Lower visitor traffic and fewer exhibitors at Baselworld reflect cautious Swiss watch industry. Brands offering vintage designs and lower price points are competing with smart watches. De Beers reduces 2017 sightholder ITOs, allocating […]

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How Does Nature Create Blue Diamonds?

Thursday,06 April 2017 04:32One Comment

Well, let’s start with the first of 2 natural ways a diamond gets its blue color from. The first involves the incorporation of the element Boron into the lattice of the diamond replacing atoms of Carbon which classifies them as Type IIb. Boron is the element that manufacturers of semiconductors implant into silicon, allowing them […]

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