Yellow Diamonds and Pink Diamonds

Friday,13 October 2017 07:190 Comments

As I was speaking with one of my longtime clients last night, the topic of Yellow Diamonds and Pink Diamonds came up. The context of the conversation was in short, my client asking me what my thoughts were on the trending of both Yellow Diamonds and Pink Diamonds as of late (last 5 years). My client is an AVID Yellow Diamond collector, and tries to stay only in the Fancy Intense to Fancy Vivid color range with a minimum clarity range requirement of VS1. Now, we all know Fancy Color Yellow Diamonds have been off the charts HOT for the last 5 -7 years, right?


So, fast forward to today June 30, 2010, we had an hour long conversation over the phone last night in regards to Yellow Diamonds vs. Pink Diamonds and what does she concentrate on next? She has the entire Yellow Diamond spectrum covered, from Straight Yellow Diamonds to Yellowish Green Diamonds, and all sizes and shapes. Side note (I love Green Diamonds)


She said to me “Do I start looking at Pink Diamonds at this point? I don’t know if I would wear it, as I love my Yellow Diamonds?” This was the real topic of our conversation. I am one of those firm believers that Diamonds are meant to be worn and not hidden away in a safety deposit box somewhere, because you are afraid to wear it. So, I asked her “will you wear a Pink Diamond should we choose to go that direction?” I know this sounds strange to most, as 99% of the public would stand up and say “Are you kidding me, I would LOVE a Pink Diamond”. However Jewelry is very personal and it evokes a strong emotion in people.


Long story short is the answer is and was “yes, let’s move forward and pursue a nice Pink Diamond that will fit into my comfort zone while still obtaining the highest Color, Clarity and Cut”. So, our conversation was not about a Pink Diamond being more collectible than a Yellow Diamond or vice versa. What she was really looking for was a sounding board and someone to help talk her through what is a rather big decision when re-allocating funds in this nature.


So, if you have been a collector of Fancy Colored Diamonds, and find yourself migrating towards a certain color Diamond all of the time, try to envision something outside the box. Maybe venture into the Orange Diamond arena or the Green Diamond arena for starters. The beauty of Fancy Color Diamonds is that we have SO MANY choices out there available to us!


John Bassett

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