Red Diamonds

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One of the most remarkable things about diamonds is that they exist in nearly every shade of the rainbow. While colored diamonds are an unusual natural occurrence as a whole, the rarest of them all are red. In fact, only roughly 20 to 30 true red diamonds have been discovered, and the majority of them are less than 1/2 carat in weight. RockFinders has two very important Red Diamonds in our Vault section.


How does a red diamond get its breathtaking hue?

Nitrogen or boron is responsible for other diamond colors, red diamonds are rather different. Like colorless stones, they are made of pure carbon. So instead of the presence of impurities, it’s a deformation in the atomic makeup of the stone that produces the red color. This structural flaw is called plastic deformation, and it causes light to pass through the lattice and bend in such a way that it reflects the gorgeous ruby-like hue. As with any other colored stone, the more intense the hue, the more rare and valuable it is. The intensity can range from a dark pink diamond to a purplish red one.


Red diamonds are expected to become even more difficult to come by in the future. As a result, experts predict they will cost double what they do now within just a few years.


John Bassett


  1. KZ says:


    Wow and Wow!! I am in love with this website. You have outdone yourself on this one. I can not believe the pieces you have in inventory, mind blowing to say the least (Museum Quality). I also absolutely LOVE the articles you have here. You are a very talented man, and I am forwarding this website on to all of my girlfriends. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


  2. Massey says:

    Spectacular!!! LOVE….


  3. Diana G says:

    Amazing!! I will make it a priority to visit should I find myself in the area. In the meantime I will continue to dream and check in for new news and amazing gems.
    I did sign up for the newsletter as well.


  4. Khloe says:


    This site is crazy! Where on earth did you find two of the most important, Rarest, Red Diamonds there are? You must have some serious connections. Good for you. Keep it going.


  5. Tina F says:


    Happy New Year!!! It was great catching up this week, and thank you for showing me my next present from RockFinders. I love this site and what you have created, amazing stones.


  6. Paul Owen says:

    John helped me select and procure a fancy vivid Blue diamond a few years back.
    It is one of those things that is so rare you have very little choice on selection and the market keeps going up and up which makes supply even more scarce. All the blues I had seen were very pale in color but not on price. John found me one that was a true value and the cut, quality and color were exceptional. Shortly after I purchased my stone there were 2 major auctions and new world records were set, price per carat and price of a stone. It has turned out to be a truly great investment…..just as John said it would be.

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