Princess Cut vs. Radiant

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What’s in a diamond cut? Why is cut so important? Traditionally round brilliant diamonds have been the classic shape. However, in the past ten years we have seen a major shift from round brilliant diamonds to the “fancy shapes”.


Princess Cut Diamonds were very popular in the 80’s because women wanted a non-traditional shape that would set them apart from the classic round diamond. Princess became the “it” shape for hip and forward thinking individuals.


The Princess cut diamond was designed to utilize more of the rough diamond while giving it a sparkle that is close to the Radiant Cut Diamond. It is easily recognizable with it’s square shape, sharp uncut edges and the center appears to have a four pointed star or X created by the facets and the light reflection. It typically has 76 facets. This cut is less expensive typically, due to the lack of light and brilliance as compared to other fancy shapes, such as the Radiant Cut Diamond.


Radiant Cut Diamonds have become ever so popular today and will probably remain for the long term. The similarities between Princess Cuts and Radiant Cuts are only in the crown of the diamond. This is where the similarities stop. The Radiant Cut is missing the sharp corners that Princess Cut Diamonds have. In fact, the GIA identifies the Radiant Cut Diamond as a cut-cornered square mixed cut. This is why you often see on the GIA certification a modified description in regards to the cut. Also, the crown is slightly higher than a Princess Cut Diamond along with a smaller table. Probably the most significant difference between the two cuts is that a Radiant Cut Diamond looks completely different when looking down from the top of the diamond. Reflected light appears to move in a circular pattern which allows more light to enter and more ways for it to be reflected out. This is what I call the “Bling Factor”. The more light reflection and light return from the diamond, the more brilliant, therefore creating more “Bling”. You will have more brilliance and sparkle from a radiant than you could ever imagine. It is truly the jeweler’s favorite square cut. More women are choosing Radiant Cut Diamonds over Princess Cut Diamonds once they see the difference in brilliance on their finger. Isn?t that what we all desire from our diamonds anyway?


John Bassett

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