Pink Diamonds

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Natural pink diamonds are extraordinarily beautiful, highly valued, rare, and desperately sought after all over the world. Their wonderful shades vary from Fancy Vivid Purplish Pink to Fancy Intense Pink to Fancy Deep Orange Pink. They are nature’s magical creation of perfect beauty and elegance. The value of Pink Diamonds is all in the natural color. Pink Diamonds are mined in India, Brazil, and Africa, although the Argyle Mine in Australia remains the premier source for natural Pink Diamonds. So what gives pink diamonds their natural Pink hue? Scientists and top gemologists from around the world are still unclear as to what exact element produces the pink hue in a Pink Diamond.


Gemologists believe that the pink hue is not created by the elements in the periodic table but rather, that tiny abrasions along the diamond multiple grains are responsible for reflecting the pink hue. Under microscopic examination of a Pink Diamond from the Argyle Mine there are no elements that indicate a Pink color, they are actually clear under microscopic evaluation, which supports their theory that a Pink Diamond only has the appearance of being pink without any true elements. Currently The GIA has divided natural Fancy Pink Diamonds into five categories for color grading. They are Fancy Pink, Purplish Pink, Brownish Pink, Orange-ish Pink, and Pink Champagne.


In 2009 a Christie’s Auction in Hong Kong set a world wide record when it sold a five carat, Vivid Pink Diamond, potentially flawless that fetched a record breaking $2.1 million per carat! At the time of this sale it was the highest price ever achieved by any diamond. The rarity of that diamond and the sale price will indeed add to the allure and desirability of Pink Diamonds to investors around the world. I expect to receive many inquiries for Pink Diamonds of all shades. It is the diamond of choice for the woman that already has a White Diamond or a Yellow Diamond. For a well-rounded collection of jewels, you should definitely consider acquiring a natural Fancy Pink Diamond for your collection.


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  1. Samantha G says:


    This was a great read on Pink Diamonds. You are and have always been extremely passionate about the colored diamond arena since we first meet.

    It was great catching up this week and thank you for showing me some of the new inventory. We will be doing business again soon. BTW, the new website re-design looks amazing!!


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