Diamond Certification

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So many times I have been asked the question about Diamond Certifications. The questions are typically, “What type of Diamond Certificate should I have for my Diamond?” or the most common question “Which Diamond Grading Laboratory is the Best?” This is a very simple question to answer. There are four major independent Diamond Grading Laboratories that I prefer to work with. They are GIA, EGL, AGS, and HRD. They are ALL very reputable Diamond Grading laboratories and will provide sufficient Diamond Grading Certification for your Diamond purchase. Having a Diamond certificate issued from a non-biased, third party laboratory like GIA or the others I mentioned for the diamond you are purchasing can be a very helpful and valuable tool. The scales of color,clarity, and cut used to grade diamonds were developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Therefore it is the most commonly sought after lab to certify your Diamond Jewelry. All laboratories use this scale. Also, keep in mind that a diamond that comes with a certificate attached to it will make your insurance agent’s job much easier when it comes time to protect your valuable investment. In short, think of a Diamond Certificate as a birth certificate for your diamond. It tells you everything you want to know about your new addition to the family.


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