August and Jewelry in Carmel California

Friday,13 October 2017 07:232 Comments

August in Carmel California is just shy of madness, in a good way. Carmel Jewelry Stores gear up for this 2 week celebration up to 2-3 months in advance. What is the draw you ask??? The draw is the annual convergence of collectors of fine automobiles attending events such as the Pebble Beach Concourse’ de Elegance, The Quail and the The Concorso Italiano and let’s not forget all of the auctions that take place during this week as well. Carmel Jewelers as a whole notice a huge influx of people who love the finer things in life for this 2 week event and Fine Jewelry is no exception. The ladies bring out their best of the best in their lavish Jewelry collections during this time, as they should! Jewelry is meant to be worn, not to be kept in a safe.


Carmel Jewelry Stores tend to bring in special one of a kind rare and exotic Diamonds and or pieces of handmade Jewelry during this time. I know that  I have appointments set up months in advance with our best clients which is what our clients have grown accustomed to over time. When you think about it, Carmel has a certain mystique as starting out in ways as an Artists’ Colony hence; Fine Collectible Automobiles (Art) Fine jewelry (Art) masterfully cut Rare Diamonds (Art). Carmel Jewelry Stores are learning to take “Car Week” as we call it, more and more seriously year after year. For me, being a part of the Carmel Jewelry scene for many years now, we have built many meaningful and cherished friendships during this time of year. There are 30 plus Carmel Jewelry Stores in the city of Carmel Ca. and each with something different to offer. So, should you be lucky enough to make it to the “Carmel Jewelers” week… take time to stop and appreciate some of the one of a kind and or priceless Collector Cars that just happen to be here at the same time (insert sarcasm here). This in all honesty a truly magical week for all of us who are blessed enough to Call Carmel by the Sea home.


John  Bassett


  1. RS says:

    Bravo!! well done, Fantastic site.

  2. Susan says:


    Concours is right around the corner. I can’t wait to catch up! LOVE the site and the pieces on here are out of this world…Where do you even find such things? Amazing site to say the least.

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