Diamond Buying Guide

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The Four C’s of Diamonds can be quite confusing to the average person. Here is a simple how to Diamond Buying Guide. Chances are that if you are reading this you are shopping for a Diamond Engagement Ring. There is a lot of information on Diamonds out there, but my goal is to provide you with the essential basics in order to make your first Diamond Purchase easy and comfortable.


When it comes to Diamonds there are many choices to consider. What diamond Shape? What Diamond Carat Weight? What about Diamond Color and Diamond Clarity? These are the Four C’s of Diamonds. Color, Cut, Carat Weight, and Clarity. And how much of a role does each “C” matter in your Diamond Ring purchase?


First, let’s start with the obvious….How big do you need to go? Meaning: Diamond Carat Weight. I recommend buying the largest Carat Weight you can with the highest quality Diamond Color you can afford. These two elements will not only be impressive to your bride to be, but also give you a much better return on your investment. Keep the color in the G-H color range or better if possible. It’s much easier to trade up this diamond down the road if you have a good Color and sizable Diamond Carat Weight along with a Diamond Certification either from GIA or EGL, which in my opinion are the top two independent diamond grading sources in the world. They have strict guidelines and historically provide the most accurate evaluations of any diamond.


I would encourage you to stretch your budget in order to acquire a Diamond Carat Weight that she will be happy with for at least five years and a high quality Diamond Color in order to maximize the brilliance of the Diamond Ring she will be wearing for a very long time. Your bride to be will most likely give you advice on what Diamond Cut or Shape she prefers, so don’t worry about that. Just pay attention and she will lead the way.


The average first time Diamond Engagement Ring is about one carat. This will satisfy most. If your budget lends a more generous Diamond purchase, then go bigger without sacrificing Diamond Color and Cut. Bottom line, do what you can and keep in mind the priorities of Diamond carat weight and color along with a certified Diamond. Cheers and happy shopping! Remember that Rockfinders.com will help you every step of the way for an easy and fun Diamond Buying experience.


John Bassett

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